Zoom License Price in bangladesh

Besides its popular free plan, Zoom offers a range of paid solutions for business, education and more. But are they worth it?

Zoom Meetings has become one of the top video conferencing platforms since the pandemic started. It’s the backbone of online education, how we conduct our meetings, and even a handy method to stay in touch with family members. Despite its popularity, some may not have a good grasp of what Zoom Meetings is and what it can do. Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know.

One of the biggest challenges that Zoom Meetings aims to tackle is communication between remote workers. We’ve all experienced our fair share thanks to COVID-19, and video software continues to make life a little easier.

Zoom Meetings has all the features a company needs to hold online meetings, no matter how big or small. Participants can join in from a computer or a mobile device anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. They can turn their cameras on so others can see them, or keep them off to preserve some privacy. Each individual can also control their microphone to give whoever is speaking their undivided attention. Zoom Meeting offers many other valuable features, some of which you can check out below.

The main features of Zoom Meetings:

  • Record meeting: Make a recording of any session with the push of a button. You can save a recording locally on a device or upload it to the cloud. This allows employees who couldn’t attend the live meeting/webinar to check it out later.
  • Screen sharing: Participants can share their screens with others, which is handy for various presentations and educational workshops.
  • Chat: Every Zoom Meeting has an integrated chat feature, allowing participants to communicate during a meeting and ask questions.
  • Virtual hand-raising: When you want to speak or ask a question, you can signal it to the host by raising your hand virtually. This improves communication during a meeting, preventing multiple people from talking simultaneously.
  • Polls: A host can create a poll and share it with participants in the meeting to gather their responses and opinions on a given topic. This comes in handy for voting on various business-related decisions, for example.
  • Mute participants: The host of a meeting can mute the mic of any participant. This is a vital feature used when someone forgets they have the mic and their children are screaming in the background, for example.
  • Whiteboarding: Hosts can use the Whiteboard feature to visualize any concept, just as they would with a real whiteboard.
  • Local and cloud recording: Users can record meetings, and either store them locally or in the cloud. This makes it easy to go back to the recorded videos to go over the content.
  • Remote PC control: Take over another user’s computer or device to show them how something is done, or simply to control an office computer.

Zoom PRO Price 15,000 Tk | Duration 1 Year 

Host 1 + Includes 100 participants

Unlimited Meetings

User management

Admin feature controls


Custom Personal Meeting ID

Assign scheduler

1GB of MP4 or M4A cloud recording

***This Price Only for New Account | With VAT & TAX Price 16,200 Taka

Name Price
Basic Free (Duration 40 Minutes)
Pro Taka 15,000 per host per Year (New Account)
Pro Renew Call 01708010150
Business Call 01708010150
Enterprise Call 01708010150
Buy Now | Call 01708010150 (WhatsApp)

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